Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chuletas De Puerco Adobados

Chuletas De Puerco Adobados (Pork Chops seasoned with Adobo Paste)

Here you can see the Ancho Chiles rehydrating, after toasting them for a couple minutes.
Hard to pass up a shot of the salt, thyme, cumin, garlic and what would be Seville orange juice.  The Molcajte I purchased in Mexico and brought back on the plane along with two others.  Beautiful pieces, very heavy, but they work quite well, and were worth buying the real deal, as opposed to the ones in the states.

The final product, very good, and I will make it again, except I think I will tone down the sauce.  The recipe called for 6 services of pork chops, and I kept the same measurements for the Adobo paste, so that flavor was a bit strong, with only two chops.  
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